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Test driving a car – the guide


Can I take a car out on a test drive?
When buying a car, it is very important to take it out on a test drive.
Getting behind the wheel is the only way to get a feel for how it drives, check everything is working properly and ensure it’s the right vehicle for you.
Rockpoint’s James Hoe said: “A test drive is the only real way to work out if the car is right for you – if you don’t have one you could end up buying a vehicle that you don’t even like to drive.
“You need to see how comfortable it is when you sit in it and how it performs.
“If you have a family, it is good to get everybody in to make sure they fit.
“You also want to see the gadgets and test the visibility when you pull out on to a road.
“Some people even take a car home to park it outside their house or try it in the garage to see if it fits!”
Car dealerships have different test drive policies.
Rockpoint allows people to go on a test drive unaccompanied unlike most where a salesman will accompany you, which can be distracting.
The driver needs to have no points on their license and be aged over 25 and under 70.
Buyers who don’t meet these criteria can still take a vehicle out on an accompanied test drive.

Our test drive top tips

1. Show that you are interested in the car and have done your research and are a genuine buyer before asking for a test drive.
2. Make sure you have your driving license to show.
3. When you get in the car, make sure you are comfortable – adjust the seat, steering wheel and mirrors to suit you.
4. Locate the main controls and make sure you know how to use them such as lights, indicators and gears.
5. Take buggies, prams, golf clubs or other big items you transport regularly with you to see how they fit.
6. If it is to be a family car, take your children with you and check they – and any car seats – fit.
7. Allow up to half an hour for a test drive and make the most of the time you have to properly assess the car and how it feels to drive.
8. Drive the vehicle on different road surfaces and at different speeds.
9. All cars take some getting used to when you first get into them but the steering should not feel too heavy, the gears on a manual should shift smoothly and the suspension should cope well with the roads.
10. Check the engine is strong enough for you and is quiet.

Happy buying!

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