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The best way to sell your car or van for a quick sale and great price

The best way to sell your car or van for a quick sale and great price
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Car selling guide – where to go when you have a vehicle to sell

If the time has come to sell your car or commercial vehicle, you have several options to consider.
It can be daunting to decide on the best method for you.
We give you the pros and cons of each and reveal the FASTEST way to sell your car for the BEST DEAL.

Option 1: Sell your vehicle privately

You can sell your car yourself by advertising on a website such as AutoTrader, Facebook Marketplace or eBay or through a local newspaper or noticeboard.

You may be able to sell your used vehicle for a good price.

This option takes the most time – it could be days or weeks and you may still not have a sale.
You have the hassle of cleaning and preparing the vehicle, arranging and paying for an advert and responding to calls and messages.
Buyers will come to your house for viewings and test drives and then you must try to haggle.
When you’ve arranged a price, you have to take the payment, making sure it is the correct amount and genuine (counting cash or checking funds are in your account before handing over the keys) and sort out all the paperwork.
You also have to store the car and keep insuring it and paying for car tax until it has sold.
Rockpoint verdict: You may take more money for your car but there are risks involved and it can take up a lot of time.

Option 2: Sell to a big online firm like We Buy Any Car.

This usually involves registering your vehicle’s details online for a quote then taking it to a site where it can be inspected and a final price agreed.

This can be a fairly quick process and these sorts of companies will buy most vehicles.

You are likely to be offered a lot less than you think your vehicle is worth.
Once an inspector has examined the car, money is usually knocked off for minor issues and there may also be hidden admin fees.
Rockpoint verdict: This is a quick way of selling a car but these companies operate on slim margins so won’t be able to pay you well. The car will be sold on quickly, usually through an auction and they have to include those costs plus commission.

Option 3: A part exchange

This remains the most popular way for people to sell their vehicle when buying a new one.
When you buy a new car or van, the dealer takes your old one and you pay the difference.
The price for the new vehicle is effectively discounted by the value of your old one.

It’s a very easy option – it’s quick and stress-free.
In theory, you take your old vehicle to the dealer and can drive away with a new set of wheels.
There is no stage where you have two vehicles or none at all – the two transactions of buying and selling are taken care of in one move.

You may not make as much money as you would from a private sale.
Rockpoint verdict: “The smaller independents should be able to give you more money because we sell your part-exchange. Cut out part of the process.
Rockpoint verdict: The dealer wants to sell you the new car so will try to offer you an attractive deal.
Plus the smaller independents should be able to give you more money because we sell your part-exchange directly, cutting out part of the process compared to companies like We Buy Any Car.

Option 4: Sell to a local dealer

Many small garages are in need of more stock at the moment so selling your old car or van directly to one has never been as successful.

It’s a much simpler, quicker and less stressful option than selling privately and dealing with lots of potentially buyers, some who may be dodgy.
If the dealer has a shortage of your type of vehicle or even has buyers waiting, they will be keen to buy yours.
You should be offered a much better deal than from a big car-selling site.
There is no comeback as there may be from a private buyer.

You may not get quite as much money as a private sale.
Rockpoint verdict: This is a great way to sell your cars or commercial vehicle at the moment. Plus it benefits both the seller and their local dealer.

So, which option is best?

This depends on you, how much time you have and the type of person you are.
But we believe the quickest and safest way to sell your car for a decent price is through a small, independent dealer, either through a part exchange or a direct sale.
James Hoe, owner of Rockpoint Cars of Distinction in Tamworth, Staffordshire, said: “Please support the local, smaller dealers, that need your vehicles, over the big companies.

“We buy cars and commercials of any age and any mileage and should be able to give you a better price than a big company because we are not having to put commissions and auction fees on top, we sell your vehicle directly.

“You are guaranteed an accurate price without it being knocked down for every little thing and there is no admin fee.”
If you have a car to sell, contact us on 01827 283 496 or email james@rockpointbmw.co.uk

Top tips when selling your car
*Present your car at its best – tidy and clean it inside and out or pay for a full valet.
*Repair any faults and paintwork damage or be honest about these.
*Get a new MOT if needed.
*You can’t sell a car with outstanding finance so get the company’s permission first or settle the finance.
*Work out roughly what your car is worth by checking out the price of other cars and price it realistically.
*Collect all the documents together including the log book, MOT certificates, service records and receipts for work you’ve had done.

Rockpoint Cars of Distinction
At Rockpoint, we pride ourselves on stocking the best value, high-quality used vehicles for our customers.

Whether you decide to pay in cash of are eligible for one of our flexible finance options, we have you covered.
See our full range of quality used vehicles here.

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